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Epoch-making observational, theoretical and computational developments make this an exceptional time for the
understanding of gravity in the strong field regime. The recent detection of gravitational waves (GWs) and the first imaging of a black hole, together with other ongoing experiments; the discovery of unexpected compact objects in General Relativity (GR); and the breakthroughs in the field of Numerical Relativity (NR), make strong gravity a central player in the scientific scene. Exploring different scenarios in this context is timely and synergies are mandatory, for such an endeavor.


The Fundamental Fields and Compact Objects (FunFiCO) RISE project is a Marie Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) partnership between Aveiro University (Portugal, coordinator), Sheffield University (UK), UFPa (Brazil), UNAM (Mexico) and Valencia University (Spain). This project focuses on the construction, theory, phenomenology and dynamics of new families of black holes (BHs) and compact objects that are being discovered in GR in the presence of fundamental fields and alternative theories of gravity. Particular focus is given to astrophysical phenomenology, including GW signals.


The FunFiCO project Officer is Amanda Jane Ozin-Hofsaess (in the photo with the project coordinator C. Herdeiro). Many thanks to Amanda for her invaluable support


From July 2019 onwards, IST-Lisbon was added as a sixth node of the FunFiCO network.

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