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Highlighted Publications

Non-linear dynamics of spinning bosonic stars: formation and stability

N. Sanchis-Gual, F. Di Giovanni, M. Zilhão, C. Herdeiro, P. Cerdá-Durán, J. A. Font and E. Radu

Universal Relations for Gravitational-Wave Asteroseismology of Protoneutron Stars

A. Torres-Forné, P. Cerdá-Durán, M. Obergaulinger, B. Müller, J. Font

Spontaneously Scalarized Kerr Black Holes in Extended Scalar-Tensor-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity

P. Cunha, C. Herdeiro, E. Radu

Spontaneous Scalarization of Charged Black Holes

C. Herdeiro, E. Radu, N. Sanchis-Gual, J. Font

Convective Excitation of Inertial Modes in Binary Neutron Star Mergers

R. De Pietri, A. Feo, J. Font, F. Löffler, F. Maione, M. Pasquali, N. Stergioulas

Dynamical Formation of Kerr Black Holes with Synchronized Hair: An Analytic Model

C. Herdeiro, E. Radu

Light-Ring Stability for Ultracompact Objects

P. Cunha, E. Berti, C. Herdeiro

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